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Happy Birthday, my dear son,
You are a long, long way from 21.

Here I sit and remember when you were small,
And from outside, to me, you did call,

"Mom, how do the little birds fly?
How do they get up so high?"

"They flap their wings, and up they go,
The blue-jay, robin and black crow."

The next thing that I heard was you sobbing,
As you stood there with your arms a-bobbing,

And through your tears I heard you sigh,
"I flapped, and flapped, but I can't fly!"

You're much too old for tears, today...
I hope smiles and laughter come your way!!!

Mom & Dad

Jan. 25, 2001


I bet you thought that I forgot your day...
The check's in the mail... it's on its way!

I hope your day was really great...
I'm sorry that your card will be late.

Love you,

Jan, 25, 2002