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There was a Great Dog Convention.
  They come from near and far.
  Some came on bicycles,
  and some came in cars.

    Y'know, before they could enter,
  or even take a look,
  they had to take their asshole off,
  and hang it on a hook.

    But before they even got seated,
  (every mother, pup, and sire),
  An old dog hollered from the back,
  "Run for your life. It's a FIRE!"

    The crowd of dogs began to panic,
  and nobody stopped to look.
  They grabbed the very nearest asshole,
  off the very nearest hook.

    And this is why, even today,
  a dog will drop a bone,
  to sniff another dog's asshole,
  to see if it's his own.

pass this page to all your friends
'cuz they will want to know
why every dog they ever meet
puts his nose where it shouldn't go...